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I have known Jayson personally for over 12 years now and have seen him evolve as a person, father, husband, and leader. Jayson has proven himself to be an authentic man who acts with purpose and conviction. My experience and connection with him have been built through sport, schooling, business and family. I believe that Jayson will make a tremendous addition to the council of West Kelowna because he has the work ethic and determination to make a difference in his community. I have witnessed his growth as an individual first-hand and see the passion and attention he puts into what he cherishes most. I recognize one of these treasures to be his home community of West Kelowna where he was born, raised and has now settled with a family of his own. His advocacy and ability to make a difference are why I would like to see him as an asset to the council.


Being one of the largest single-family home builders in the Okanagan we have found the District office to be very difficult and slow to work with. I feel there are organizational flaws and a workforce that is not properly empowered and trained to do their job. When building permits take twice as long as neighboring municipalities and cost twice as much then action needs to take place. With vested interested in the city of West Kelowna as well established businessman in our community, I believe Jayson fully understands what we deal with in our quest to build single-family homes in West Kelowna and he is ready to take action and speak for builders like us.


Lastly, I know that with family roots well planted in West Kelowna one does not have to look hard to realize Jayson’s heart is in the right place, his goals are clearly to make a better place for his family and friends to enjoy. Please consider Jayson Zilkie for city councilor of West Kelowna.


Kolby Barnstable,

Head of Sales

Rykon Construction

(The largest new home builder in the Okanagan)


I am proud to support Jayson Zilke’s election bid for West Kelowna City Council.


My experience with Jayson has always been honest and open. I have met Jayson for coffee a number of times over the years and I feel confident to say that he has a desire to not only be a good leader, but to do things right.

I will definitely vote for Jayson because I believe in him as a person and as a leader. With his experience in the business world and in the sports world, I believe that he has a good understanding of what it takes to make West Kelowna a legitimate community. I feel that is exactly what West Kelowna needs. I also believe that Jayson represents a ‘new guard’; a responsible and slightly younger generation of leader that is definitely necessary for these times. For this upcoming election, Jayson is my guy.



Don Richmond

Chaplain, West Kelowna Fire and Rescue

Chaplain, West Kelowna Warriors Junior A Hockey

We have been good friends with Jayson Zilkie for the past 7 years and have been able to see firsthand why he would make a good city councilor. He has grown up with the city and has deep roots in where West Kelowna has been and what its future holds. West Kelowna has a special place in his heart but he wants it to move forward and pursue different avenues to develop and expand what West Kelowna can be. 


If elected Jayson would bring a high level of integrity to office. His vibrant personality combined with his drive and passion, will bring people together to accomplish any task that lies ahead.


We love the city of West Kelowna and are proud to call it home. Unfortunately, in the process of building our home this past year, we had numerous road blocks and hurdles including a 6 month delay, that could have easily been avoided with a more common sense, forward thinking approach to government. Jayson will be that positive change that this city council is needing while still respecting the heart of what West Kelowna is. 


James Reimer

NHL Goaltender

West Kelowna Resident

Dear Constituents of West Kelowna,



The purpose of this letter is to lend my support to Jayson Zilkie for City Councilor.

I have had the pleasure of building a business relationship and valued friendship with Jayson over the past six years. I know Jayson to be an energetic and optimistic leader. Jayson has shown himself to be very thoughtful and generous with his time and resources. I know Jayson will be an asset to council because his strong character and deep integrity will serve him well to make the right decision (not the easy decision). Jayson Zilkie is the ultimate teammate.




Yours truly,


Dave Gautier, CPA, CA Incorporated Partner, Managing Director Crowe MacKay LLP

It is with great pleasure that I endorse Jayson for City Councillor in West Kelowna. I have the privilege to work with Jayson on the Kelowna Gospel Mission Board and he continues to exhibit the qualities we need in leadership for our communities. He has proven himself with success in the business world and his commitment to volunteering in various capacities throughout the City. So what is also obvious to me but is not written down on his bio are his notable character traits that I have personally witnessed over our time together:  


He loves his family. Just ask him about the importance of family in everything he does.

He is a compassionate strategic thinker. He has a great ability to bring together a diversity of platforms and positions and weigh these out with compassion in his decisions.

He is creative. He brings a wide view of the world and the possibilities for both his business and volunteer work.

He is dedicated and extremely hard working. When he sets his mind to a challenge..well just watch him go!

It’s been truly a pleasure to be part of Jayson’s journey in our community and bear witness to these character traits. . I know he will be a strong community voice in Council and bring a passion and dedicated spirit second to none.




National Strategy and Business Development Leader, WSP

Board Chair, Kelowna Gospel Mission

I was pleased to hear that Jayson Zilkie was running for council.  Jayson’s enthusiasm and positive attitude is contagious. With a leadership style that is collaborative, he has a proven track record of innovative ideas and problem solving.  


Jayson has demonstrated the ability to motivate and work effectively with diverse groups toward common goals. He strives to see others succeed and does so with integrity and character.  As a life long resident of the area, I am confident that Jayson Zilkie will endeavour to make our community even better than it already is. 

Bob McEwen

I know Jayson from his service on the board of directors of Kelowna’s Gospel Mission for the past three years.  His contributions to our organization have been invaluable, and he demonstrates wisdom and insight beyond his years.  As a young family man and businessman, Jayson is in touch with the issues and challenges of a growing community. 


I am going to vote for Jayson because I am confident he will represent the citizens of West Kelowna honestly and fairly.


Randy Benson

Executive Director, Kelowna’s Gospel Mission

Resident of Rose Valley

I know Jayson to be a man a great integrity, with a passion for his family and his community. I believe Jayson will bring a fresh common sense voice to council.


So excited to see you running, you should know that if nothing else you will have one vote for sure.


David Barbour

Lead Pastor

It is an honor and a privilege to endorse Jayson as a City Councilor in Went Kelowna. I have known him for over 5 years and know without a doubt that he will be the change in our community that we need.  I am so excited about this journey that he is going to embark.


Jayson serves on the board of Kelowna’s Gospel Mission. I have seen that he is a man of integrity and has a passion for community and family.  I am a West Kelowna resident and I know Jayson will be a great benefit to my community.


Mike Morrison

Development Director, Kelowna Gospel Mission

Glenrosa Resident

I am happy to say that I support Jayson Zilkie for West Kelowna City Council. His passion and enthusiasm show that he cares about making this city even better. I have seen his willingness to volunteer his time to serve our community and his support of others has been outstanding.


I know that Jayson's vision for West Kelowna will support the growth of our city and I will be voting for him in the coming election.


Aaron Cassidy

West Kelowna Teacher

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