I’ve been lucky to call West Kelowna home for most of my life and am so grateful to be raising my family here. Like many of you, my wife Erin and I enjoy the recreation and nature that surrounds us. We love the feeling of running into familiar faces at the grocery store. We appreciate that our friends and family in other neighbourhoods are never far away. The convenience of a smaller city and that rare sense of community that comes along with it means a lot to us – and I bet it does to you too.
It’s to be expected that a growing young municipality would experience the challenges and problems that have become familiar and frustrating to West Kelowna residents. How do we, as a city, work through the growing pains and overcome the issues that get in the way of West Kelowna reaching its full potential? How do we build a foundation for the future, and establish West Kelowna as a place where businesses and families can grow and thrive?
I believe answering these questions begins with City Council.
Council is the bridge between the residents and the City’s services. I will work to provide West Kelowna residents with a council that ensures municipal services have the ability to keep up with growth, through Leadership, Planning, Funding and Collaborative Partnerships. I will work to improve the culture at City Hall by building into the staff and leadership. As your councillor, I will strive to support staff by providing the necessary tools and resources for the City to operate efficiently and effectively.

When businesses thrive, families thrive.



Let’s improve West Kelowna’s reputation as an attractive place to do business and improve our economic development. When our city is known as an ally for new and existing businesses, we’ll see economic benefits from the tax base to the family bank account.


Attracting and retaining growth across a variety of industries is imperative for a healthy economic future. Human talent is a valuable resource in our community, and I believe we can use our wisdom and innovation to drive our economic development. As councillor, I will work to empower City services that create favorable conditions for locals and investors to do business in West Kelowna.


On all fronts, for all residents.



From water quality and fire protection, to road safety and crime prevention, our growing community has issues to overcome. By understanding risks and establishing priorities, the health and safety of our community will not be overlooked. This includes our community’s homeless individuals.


As your councillor, I will partner with the departments and agencies responsible for the protection of West Kelowna residents – working to improve community engagement and communication.


The Heart of West Kelowna



Our community has become more multi-generational than ever before. Our residents are fortunate to have a variety of neighbourhood pockets to live in and enjoy. We have different amenities and attractions in each area. What we don’t have is an inviting, centralized core - a heart for our city.


While our unique geographic situation creates a challenge, many residents dream of a town core – an attractive and identifiable downtown where visitors and residents of all generations can gather.


We know our city has heart. As your councillor, I will work with community partners to create a plan for a desirable destination where our community pride can shine.


Better together.



I will build and grow relationships with our valuable neighbours: Westbank First Nations, City of Kelowna, District of Peachland, and various community groups. We are better when we are working together.


As a father to young children, I understand the urgent need to collaborate with School District 23 and create a plan that is fiscally responsible and nurtures success for teachers and students.


Trained in “Crucial Conversations”, I am well equipped to collaborate and have critical conversations with organizations, boards, councils and companies, leading to win-win outcomes

Let’s celebrate the best of who we are and act on our determination to move forward as a prosperous, growing community where businesses and families will thrive.
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© 2018 Authorized by Jayson Zilkie